Jabatan Pendaftaran Pertubuhan Malaysia

Registrar's Message

 Asalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh dan Salam Sejahtera. 

The main goal of establishing a website for the Registry of Societies Malaysia as a mechanism for  delivering the departmental information services to the community. As such, the website is also a key channel for disseminating information related to organisations and services provided that benefit Malaysians and the international community.

In line with the current challenges known as the "4th Industrial Revolution", during the 21st century, there is a phenomenon called information and communication technology explosion that has already changed the scenario and human way of life. This development urges all parties including government agencies to handle this transition in a more matured way.  Every development and environmental changes in today's society must be addressed with full responsibility and a direction to be made towards the country's economic development.

The Department’s staffs are always proactive and professional in the services delivery by providing referential information including the procedure of setting up an association, amendments to the law of the organization, forms, organisational statistics, department’s activity and news and other types of establishments and services.

The Department is looking forward for feedback and always welcomes any queries related to the service via the e-mail address provided.   I am also pleased to receive any comments and suggestions to improve this site and our services.

Hopefully, this website will be benefited from the information and services provided and obtain guidance on effective organizational governance.

Welcome to the Department of Registry of Societies of Malaysia’s official website.